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By Scott Stump

It's a commercial even a Red Sox fan can appreciate. 

As Derek Jeter rounds third on the way to retirement, a new Gatorade commercial has baseball fans getting misty-eyed.

With Frank Sinatra's "My Way" playing in the background, Gatorade's farewell to Jeter shows him hanging out with fans in the Bronx on the way to Yankee Stadium, signing autographs, meeting up with some starstruck kids, stopping in a local bar, and trying to figure out how to take a selfie. The reactions of fans stunned to see Jeter strolling down the street are priceless. He then contemplates his place among the Yankee greats honored at the stadium before taking the field one last time.

With the Yankees looking like a long shot to reach the playoffs, Jeter's last game looks to be Sept. 28 at, of all places, Fenway Park, the home of New York's biggest rival, the Boston Red Sox. 

Jeter spoke with Matt Lauer in June about his impending retirement, saying "time flies" when it comes to thinking about his 20-year career that will land him in the Hall of Fame one day.