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Watch this man set the record for most (amazingly awkward) hugs in 1 minute

Watch this Indian man set the Guinness World Record for most hugs by an individual in a minute by awkwardly speed-hugging 79 students.
/ Source: TODAY

If there was as an Olympic sport for dispensing quick and awkward hugs, this Indian man would be its Michael Phelps.

In a hilariously goofy video, Krishna Kumar recently set the Guinness World Record for most hugs given in a minute by an individual when he speed-hugged 79 students at a school in India.

In trying to spread the love as quickly as possible, Kumar went with the butt-out, quick-tap-on-the-back approach, making it look like he was desperately trying to find which student had something stuck to the back of his shirt.

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Kumar actually made contact with 83 of the 88 students who lined up for the record. Their expressions ranged from excitement to looking like they were being sent to detention after the hug.

Four of the attempts were disqualified by a Guinness monitor because they were "more headlocks than hugs.'' Kumar also whiffed on one of the shorter boys, going right over his head.

Both arms have to be wrapped around the person in an embrace for it to count as a hug, according to Guinness.

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Dubbed the "affectionate record-breaker" by Guinness, Kumar passed the previous mark of 77 set by Australia's Carrie Bickmore in 2014 at Sydney Children's Hospital.

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