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Watch the big game in style with these gadgets

From massage chairs to the ultimate remote, check out these cool TV-watching must-haves.
/ Source: Weekend Today

Whether you're rooting for the Bears or the Colts, you'll want to enjoy the big game in style, and we're not just talking about flat-screen TVs. TODAY gear and tech editor Paul Hochman suggests the following accessories to make everyone's Super Bowl experience a touchdown.

The Wave Box portable microwave
The last thing you want to do if your food gets cold during the Super Bowl is actually get up out of your chair. The brand-new Wave Box is the world's smallest microwave, specifically designed to be taken to unconventional places, including right next to you when you're watching the game or when you're car camping or even tailgating. The Wave Box, which is 20 percent smaller than any other microwave, works with three different power sources — your wall (it has a retractable power cord), your car's cigarette lighter, and your car's battery. Includes a “Cool Wave” soft-side cooler to keep beverages cool while traveling. , $199

The WinCraft snack helmetAs any experienced Super Bowl observer knows, for proper viewing, it's absolutely essential to appropriately separate chips and nuts. The team-specific, two-tiered snack tray from WinCraft, with a skull bowl for chips and a facemask tray for nuts, makes sure there is no unpleasant snack fraternization. , $49.95

The ultimate backyard TV from Sima Corp
For those whose Super Bowl party gets so big, it has to be outside, the huge “XL Theater” is not only waterproof, it's inflatable. If you tie it down, it will even float in a pool. The XL comes in two different sizes (96" and 144" diagonally) and includes two powered weatherproof speakers. The translucent vinyl screen works either as a front-projection or rear-projection screen (the projector is sold separately), which means in situations where there are lots of people walking around, you can set it up so nobody will obscure the picture the moment Manning drops back to pass. Includes an air pump for screen inflation. , $1200 for 96"; $1700 for 144"

Harmony remote by LogitechSo you've just bought a TV, a new set of speakers and a DVR for the big game, and now you can't find one of the seven remote controls you need for the setup! Logitech's Harmony 1000 is the easiest, most advanced universal remote control device ever made and pretty much renders all manufacturers' remotes obsolete. With a 3.5" touch screen, the Harmony 1000 recognizes and controls 5000 brands and over 175,000 devices, automatically powers on all necessary devices (if you start up the DVD, for example, it will also start up the TV), and allows you to control all devices with a single touch. Its help menu is self-explanatory and allows you to easily troubleshoot basic problems. Sound is off but the video is on? Touch the remote's “help” icon. And with a wireless “extender” (sold separately), you can even put your components out of sight and still control them. , $499

Brookstone iDesire massage chair
Yes, it's expensive, but it's also the ultimate football-watching (or movie-watching or inside-of-the-eyelids-watching) massage chair. Made by the world's biggest massage chair company, Osim, the reclining iDesire is only distributed in the United States by Brookstone. It has removable massage cuffs for the forearms, a “3D” foot massage that uses air cushions all around your feet and a built-in remote control that offers nine massage styles and eight “Healthcare” modes. Made of synthetic leather, the iDesire also has multiple vibration settings and a leg rest that extends or retracts to custom fit your body's frame. , $4499

Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock ice cream pint lockFor only $5.50, you can lock up your favorite pint of ice cream so your visiting partygoers don't decimate your stash while you're out hosting the party. You set the combination and relax. , $5.50

Twist digital beverage guide Access up to 298 popular drink recipes, from Alabama Slammer to White Russian and almost everything in between. Brookstone's digital beverage guide lets you impress friends with your bartending skills. Turn the dial to the first letter of your favorite drink and the device gives you step-by-step instructions, an ingredients list, and glass type. The internal memory stores your favorite drinks, and a blue backlight makes it easy to view recipes, even in low light. , $50