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Watch this sixth-grade interviewer nudge the leader of the free world 'to get on'

There may be a spot for sixth-grade student Osman Yahya at the upcoming presidential debates.
/ Source: TODAY

There may be a spot for this kid at the upcoming presidential debates.

Sixth-grade student moderator Osman Yahya is getting attention for cutting off President Obama during a question-and-answer session Thursday with students at a Washington library.

When the president got a bit long-winded while describing how he breaks through writer’s block, Osman let the commander-in-chief know he had said plenty.

“I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question,” said Osman, a middle school student from Salisbury, Maryland.

President Obama interrupted by bold kid
A bold kid interrupted President Obama during a question and answer session at a Washington library.TODAY

The president got the hint.

“Osman thinks I’ve been talking too long,” he told the crowd with a smile.

When the young man tried to backtrack, the president laughed.

“No, let’s move it along. I got you,” he said.

Osman later told Politico that he didn’t mean to cut off the president.

“I was just nudging him to get on," he told Politico. But it was lunchtime, and he needed to wrap things up.

"Adults might have been diplomatic," he agreed. However: "Most students were hungry."

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