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Wait, where do I vote?! Answers to all your Election Day 2016 questions

Election Day is coming up, and while the rest of the nation's busy getting red in the face over this or that issue, you might just be ... really, really confused.
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Election Day is fast approaching, and while the rest of the nation's busy getting red in the face over this or that political issue, you might just want to know some of the basics.

Voting is important — It's how you can make sure your voice is heard, so don't skip out on that opportunity because you're busy sweating the small stuff like being unsure where you go to vote, how to register or being unable to find your driver's license. Let us help — and, if you're short on time, head straight to our Voter Education tool.

If you're worried, don't panic — we've got some answers! (But you'll have to find your driver's license on your own... check under the right couch cushion, or maybe your sock drawer?)

Who should I even vote for?


Yes, it's true: Al Roker is not running ... But there are a few other people running. And you can get to know them (and yourself!) simply by taking our quiz to find out which candidate's platform most closely aligns with your beliefs.

But I still have so many questions. Can I register to vote out-of-state? When's Election Day, anyway?


Breathe. We've got all the answers in our Voter FAQ section.

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Okay, so I've made it to the polls. Now what?


You're almost there! Here's exactly what you can expect to see at your polling station, including photos of the equipment you'll be using to cast your vote.

But there are different requirements for every state. What are mine?!


Selecting your state in our handy education tool will take you straight to information about your state's exact requirements. It really couldn't be easier.

Okay, cool. Now what was that about bringing an ID, again?


DUDE. You're really going to have to come prepared. Lucky for you, we've got a state-by-state list of voter ID regulations, too.

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Pero ... yo sólo hablo Español.


No se preocupe, amigo. Haz clic aqui.

Most importantly, get out there and vote on Nov. 8!