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Wacky and traditional bridal shower gift ideas

/ Source: TODAY

Finding a bridal shower gift for that special bride and groom-to-be should be a moment of joy for the guests also. But how do you know what to get them? Gift guru Robyn Spizman was invited on the “Today” show to share some ideas.Sign-In Plate
This is an item that greets the bride with a keepsake and makes the moment count from the beginning. It adds that personal touch and also makes the guests feel special from the outset since it is interactive. Guests can sign their names or add words of wisdom. The wedding plate is 16-inch in diameter and includes the permanent pen inside the box. (The plate is food safe, but once it is personalized with the pen it is not food safe.)Price: $40 to $45

Towel Cakes Centerpiece
No one will be cutting this cake. This is a two-in-one gift: It can serve as the centerpiece for the shower and then, of course, there is the actual set of towels for the newlyweds. These towels can be made with any color towels or ribbon that you would like. A mini towel cake is made with one bath towel, one hand towel and one wash cloth. A large towel cake is made with two bath towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths. It is a big wow gift.Price: $49.95

Soon to be Mrs. Shirt
Customized items are a great way to sport a new name. These can be given to the bride, or the bride can customize T-shirts for her bridal party. The Soon to be Mrs. shirt comes in 15 rhinestone colors and five shirt styles, including baby doll tee, beater tank, spaghetti tank and raglan. Each shirt is custom made. These look great in photographs also.Price: $39.90

Double Cereal Dispenser
This gift gets us into the kitchen and also includes the "his and her" component.  Double Cereal Dispenser keeps cereal fresh and can be used for other snacks too. It releases the exact amount of dry cereal or snacks from either side directly into your bowl. The idea here is that for the busy newlywed couple, who has time to cook? Cereal for dinner!Price: $49.99

Husband's Household Helper
Let's put him to work. To prevent the married man from ending up in the doghouse, this Husband's Household Helper was created: Goggles (perfect for toilet cleaning and diaper changing as well as cooking) face mask, toilet bowl cleaner, wooden spoons for salads and stirring things up and much more. All the wife has to do is come up with her honey-do list.Price: $29.99

RedEnvelope Box Set
The more traditional gift giver will appreciate this set featuring something old, new, borrowed and blue. What began as an Old English rhyme has since become a much loved wedding tradition. Tucked inside a large white box are four individual boxes tied with ribbon. Each box contains a gift that plays on the old, new, borrowed and blue theme. The set includes an old-fashioned key and lock on a chain, a silver-plated frame engraved with "New Beginnings," a scroll containing borrowed words of marriage wisdom, and a blue address book (to replace their little black books). Price: $65

Paper Bride's Deluxe Bridal Thank You Box
Every bride will need to send out a slew of thank you cards. With 50 unique bridal greeting cards, Paper Bride's Deluxe Bridal Thank You Box is the perfect present for any engaged bride-to-be. What makes these unique is that you can thank everyone imaginable that made the wedding memorable. These clever cards help a bride through every step of her wedding planning, from thanking guests for cool wedding gifts or traveling long distances to make it to her special day and even vendor thank yous (for the photographer, florist, etc). They are funny and witty.Price: $75

Memory Lane Art Work
This and the following gift are two possible "together gifts," those that are a bit pricier so several people can chip into together to give a big item without going broke. This artwork features cleverly placed words, icons and graphics — each one the key to a specific moment, memory, person, place, thing or event that the "recipient" holds near and dear. "Your Memory Lane" is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is uniquely personalized for the recipient by an artist. The information the gift buyer provides determines the details used on the illustrated street. Churches, temples, beaches, limos, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and different types of buildings are just a few of the many items used to make Your Memory Lane a thoughtful, personal gift. This is also a great gift to give if you can't go to the wedding itself.  Price: $325

End Table
Turn your favorite uncopyrighted photo of the couple or anything else special to them into a fun and beautiful end table. These tables consist of a tile top and a wood base that come in a painted black or natural maple wood base.Price: $169