Biden takes selfie with Obama hours after joining Instagram

Biden, Obama
VP via Instagram

Joe Biden knows how to make a social media debut. The vice president opened an Instagram account Wednesday, and he proved his savvy by posting a selfie with President Obama just hours later.

"Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram," the veep wrote in the caption. He signed it "— VP," which his account said meant was posted by Biden himself and not by someone on his staff.

Biden debuted his Instagram account, @vp, about 11 hours earlier with a picture of aviator shades resting on a desk in his executive office, while he sits in the blurred background looking at documents. 

“Vice President Biden's getting ready to head to Pennsylvania with President Obama this afternoon, where he'll lay out steps we can take to train America's workers with the skills they need for good middle-class jobs,” the caption reads.

The photo, posted by a staff member, was an instant hit on the Internet, where even the White House joked about Biden's stylish shot.

The+@VP?+✔ Aviators?+✔ On+@Instagram?+✔ You're+gonna+want+to+follow+along+→,


This first picture, which appears to have been posted by a staffer, is a nod to Biden's history of channeling "Top Gun" fashion in his famous aviators, which have launched plenty of Internet love in the past.

Biden pictured in Nov. 2012 in his signature shades.NICHOLAS KAMM / Today

The caption urged fans to follow the account for the latest news about the vice president (was he inspired to get more social by wife Jill Biden's appearance in TODAY's Orange Room on Wednesday?), and promised the account would also feature “the occasional aviators pic.”

As of Thursday morning, Biden was following only two other accounts: The White House and First Lady Michelle Obama.