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Dramatic video shows police officer rescuing man in wheelchair from oncoming train

It took all of 15 seconds for the officer to save the man after his wheelchair got caught in the tracks as a train came hurtling in his direction.
/ Source: TODAY

A police officer in Lodi, California, acted quickly when she sprang into action to save a man in a wheelchair who got stuck in the tracks at a railroad crossing.

Officer Erika Urrea was in her patrol car Wednesday when she spotted a freight train barreling toward a man. Her body-cam video caught the incident as it unfolded.

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“From my peripheral view, I could see the train was pretty much very close, so I kind of just grabbed ahold of his arm,” she said in an interview that aired Friday on TODAY. In the video, she can be seen pulling him out of the tracks seconds before the train came through.

Urrea, a 14-year veteran of the police force, truly did act swiftly. The time between her getting out of her car and the train crossing was only 15 seconds. The man she helped is in stable condition.

“We are very proud of Officer Urrea and her heroic actions," Lodi police Capt. David Griffin said in a statement on Thursday to NBC News.

"Thanks to her awareness and quick action she was able to save the man’s life at great personal risk to herself. This is another shining example of the brave actions the men and women of law enforcement exhibit every day.”

Urrea said she was only doing what should be done in such a moment.

“I just did what I felt anybody that in my situation would’ve done and if that was my family member or friend that was stuck, I would want someone to come out and help,” she said.