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Is this the video that broke up Bristol and Levi?

Brittani Senser's new video starring Levi Johnston may have hit too close to home for Bristol Palin, as a powerful mother plays a part in ending a young romance .
/ Source: E!online

A domineering mother, an angry slap in the face and a run-in with the law all combine to (possibly) end a young romance in this exclusive premiere of Brittani Senser's "After Love" video, which co-stars Senser and noted Playgirl model Levi Johnston as her beau.

Check out this exclusive premiere and decide for yourself: Is all this video drama based on real life or just part of a big misunderstanding between Levi, Bristol and her mom, Sarah Palin?

Who really knows? Senser does say this about the clip, "Yeah, it plays in with his life. It also plays in with mine."

Senser, a season 3 finalist on "Making the Band," released the full album "After Love" (MN Finest Records/Bungalo Records/ UMVD) last year, but has been making headlines since she tapped Johnston to be in the clip.

"We added Levi because he's handsome — truly we thought we'd get a couple hundred thousand Youtube hits," says Senser. "We had no idea that it would become this grand-scheme publishing phenomenon that it's become in the last few weeks."

In the video, directed by Evan Winter, Levi and Brittani play a couple on the verge of a breakup due to the meddling ways of Brittani's slap-happy, on-screen mother. In real life, the video appeared to at least play a part in the demise of Bristol and Levi, Take Two. Or maybe not.

While the video ends with Levi left out in the rain, we can only hope for sunnier skies for the real Bristol and Levi, who share a son, Tripp, and a lifetime of parenting together.