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Vampire king spills 'True Blood' finale secrets

Denis O'Hare chats with E! about what's coming for his character on the HBO show's season finale and jokes about the latest Rolling Stone cover featuring his co-stars.
/ Source: E!online

He's already getting Emmy buzz for his jaw-droppingly good turn as "True Blood's" new "Big Bad" Russell Edgington — the 3,000-year-old vampire king whose hobbies include fine dining, ripping out spines and vowing to eat your babies.

And now, just to make us love him more, Denis O'Hare is spilling deets on "True Blood's" season finale (hint: he'll "weep"!) and the secret you don't know about that scandalous Rolling Stone cover...

"I got airbrushed out at some point," Denis tells me of the Rolling Stone shoot, "because I was at Alexander [Skarsgård]'s feet. I think I was crossing between Anna [Paquin] and Alexander, and there was a leash involved. It was a little racy. They kind of cut that."

Hilarious, no? I guarantee that what he says next will make you laugh out loud, so make sure to check out the exclusive video interview with him above, in which he also talks about True Blood's final two episodes and whether he'll return as Russell next season.

So even though Denis is obviously kidding about the Rolling Stone cover, he did share some seriously good scoop:

Something big is going down with Russell in the 'True Blood' season finale"In episode 12, the final episode," Denis teases, "I was encumbered with a lot of stuff, and it made the shooting process incredibly difficult. I had to do a lot of physical stunts. I love doing my own stunts, [but] it was a lot more than I thought I would do. And then I had a lot of makeup. The make-up was heavy-duty, two and a half hours in, two and a half hours out." What are they doing with him?! And will he survive? Well…

Even Russell can be killed"I am 3,000 years old, but it can be done," Denis tells me. "The vampire rules are if you behead them, if you stake them with wood, or if you put silver on them, they're going down. The silver weakens them incredibly, the wood will actually kill them, and beheading is game over."

There will be tears in the season finale — but not the kind you might expect"Sookie gets mean and hurts me very deeply. Eric gets mean and hurts me very deeply. And even Pam gets a little mean to me, although she's nice at one point, and hurts me very deeply. And I weep for joy at one point."

Russell might not get what he wants"I think Russell's going to end up in a place where he didn't expect," Denis hints.

The Emmy buzz is building! When asked how he feels that there is already talk of him winning an Emmy next season, Denis tells me, "On the one hand it feels good, because you feel like, 'Oh, wow. People are paying attention.' But on the other hand, I'm Irish and very superstitious. So, I'm just terrified that somehow I will mess things up! To me, and this is in all honesty, the joy of this was actually being able to work on it, to actually do it. I got to make new friends. I got to challenge myself. I got to play a role where I run around and be a vampire, which I haven't done since I was 8 years old. Everything else is gravy."

Then Denis pauses, looks straight into our camera, and says with a laugh, "Obviously, if you want to start a Facebook page, that's totally fine with me. It would be lovely. I'm just going to live my life, gratefully, and happily, and humbly."

Facebook, schmacebook! Let's start the campaign right here! If you think Denis O'Hare deserves a run for next year's Emmys, and if you think Alan Ball would be crazy-sauce not to invite him back for the fourth season of True Blood, drop a line in our comments section below.