Upgrade? NFL ditches Roman numerals for 2016 Super Bowl logo

Do you struggle to read Roman numerals because you haven't used them since ninth grade Latin class? If so, you'll be happy to see the logo for the 2016 Super Bowl. 

The NFL unveiled the shift in a tweet Wednesday afternoon, revealing that the logo would include a "50" rather than the Roman numeral "L," marking the first time a Roman numeral has not been used in a Super Bowl since the first championship in 1967.

After some concern that the "L" would be perceived as a loss, the NFL mocked up 73 drafts before finally settling on the logo that was revealed on Wednesday. However, the NFL says this will be a one-year-only change: Super Bowl LI will be coming our way in 2017.

Some have supported the change, while others have speculated as to why the NFL swapped the old-school symbols for the more up-to-date Arabic numerals.







The Orange Room asked you to weigh in, tweeting either #Super50 or #SuperL. The majority of you have sided with the NFL, with 69 percent in favor of Super Bowl 50 over Super Bowl L.