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Ultrasound photo appears to show crucifix, reassures mom of baby's health

Aley Meyer, a mom-to-be in Kentucky, said a friend's mother pointed out the crucifix image on the photo during her baby shower.
/ Source: TODAY

Aley Meyer definitely feels comforted by the hand of God.

In the corner of a recent ultrasound snapshot of her baby boy is what appears to be Jesus on a cross, and Meyer views it as divine intervention.

“I definitely feel that it’s a sign from God,” the 21-year-old mother-to-be told TODAY.

crucifix on ultrasound
Aley Meyer said her best friend's mother first spotted what appeared to be a crucifix on her baby's ultrasound.Aley Meyer

Until she saw the image, Meyer had been constantly worrying about how her baby might be reacting to the medications she has been taking for a chronic illness she has.

image of a crucifix found on woman's ultrasound
A closer look at the image.Aley Meyer

“I’ve been on so many medicines that are scary to be on while you’re pregnant for my Crohn’s disease, so I feel like this is just a sign that things are going to be completely OK with him, and it puts my mind at ease," said Meyer, who lives in Henderson, Kentucky, located on the state's border with Indiana.

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The ultrasound was taken on April 11 right after Meyers unexpectedly went to the doctor because of some unusual bleeding. Everything turned out to be fine, but at her baby shower the following weekend, her best friend’s mom pointed out something odd she spotted on the ultrasound photo.

“She was like, ‘Come here and look at this. Do you see that?’ and I said, ‘Oh yeah, he’s going to have a lot of hair.’ And then she said, ‘No, over here to the right,” Meyer recalled.

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“When I looked, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I was kind of taken back at first. I went, ‘Wow, is that really what I’m seeing?’ And I just looked at it for 30 minutes straight.”

image of the the pregnant woman who found crucifix on ultrasound
Meyer with her fiance, Devan Baize, at their baby shower.Aley Meyer

Meyer said her fiance, who also was at the baby shower, initially described the image as “creepy” — but that was until she chastised him for his word choice.

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“He does agree it’s just amazing,” she said.

Meyer said she also thought of her great-grandmother, who passed away about five years ago, when she saw the crucifix.

“I sensed she had something to do with it, too,” she said.

crucifix on ultrasound
Meyer holding a sign of her baby's name, Easton.Aley Meyer

Meyer’s mom said she, like her daughter, sees the image as a positive sign.

“And whether it is or it isn’t, it just makes you feel better," Alecia Fulkerson said. "All the doctors have assured us the baby will be OK, but this gives you an extra bit of hope and reassurance."

Meyer’s baby, who will be named Easton, is expected in early June.

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