Watch Uber driver go through 236 green lights without stopping

/ Source: TODAY

Most drivers probably consider themselves lucky if they get through a few green lights in a row, but more than 200? No way.

Yet that's exactly what Uber driver Noah Forman claims he recently did in New York City. He posted dash-cam video that appears to show him driving through the city in the dark, cruising through 236 consecutive green lights.

Of course, Forman's feat didn't have much to do with luck — he's been practicing for years. In 2015, he posted dash-cam video that appears to show him hitting 186 consecutive green lights while driving a yellow cab.

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The latest drive, which lasted about a half-hour, started in Harlem and ended in the Lower East Side, where Forman hit his first red light, according to NBC New York. He posted the dash-cam video on YouTube and a friend later edited his clip and posted a condensed version on Vimeo.

Uber confirmed that Forman is a driver on the platform. The company sent a statement to TODAY.

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"Anyone who has driven in NYC knows that simply navigating the streets is a tremendous feat," Josh Mohrer, general manager for Uber NY, said. "This accomplishment proves yet again that what makes the Uber platform special are the driver-partners and their hard work and dedication."

Forman, who has not yet responded to TODAY's request for an interview, has said his next goal is to hit about 500 green lights in a row.