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Type A or type B: Take our personality quiz

Take our quiz and learn more about your type and compatibility. Author and relationship expert Pepper Schwartz shares some helpful advice.
/ Source: TODAY

Who should you be with?
Type A or B describes both your energy and, to some extent, your values. There is something to be gained by being with your same type, but there are also some costs. Here are some things to consider:

Type A with another type A
The good news is that two type A's are a power couple. Think Bill and Hillary, Elizabeth and Bob Dole, Brad and Angelina. They admire each other's energy, achievement and prominence. They are colleagues and peers and they understand each other well. But there can be drawbacks. There can be competition, and they can both be so busy and so ambitious that they don't give enough time to the relationship and it can wither.Type A with type B
This is the classic successful man and the woman who takes care of him. It is generally more common for CEOs  and presidents et al. to be with someone who makes sure his needs are met and who doesn't have those same needs herself. It is harder for a female CEO to find a man who wants to be the backdrop for her life, but it happens. The strong points of this kind of relationship are that one person can concentrate on his/her career and earning potential while the other keeps the domestic scene happy and healthy. The tough part: The B partner rarely gets enough of their partner and feels lonely. The A partner could get bored if the B person wants more privacy and calm than the A partner can stomach!Type B with another type B
These are people who prize the domestic world over the work world, and the private over the public. B types want their leisure, their hobbies and their family to take a primary part in their life. They may be hard workers, but work is not their only priority, nor will they sacrifice family and personal time to it happily. They will bypass opportunities if they collide with their lifestyle. The good news about being both B's is that each person wants couple time and family time and is not maximizing work time, nor juggling too many things at once. The downside: Work issues may not be taken care of and could complicate the couple's lifestyle. One B might like the other B to be more ambitious or aggressive, even if he or she is not.