Twist and doubt: Brawny baseball fan can't open water bottle

While the Mets took on the Royals on Sunday, a much fiercer battle was being waged in the stands between a brawny fan and a bottle of Aquafina.

The man was so big and the bottle was so small, but he just couldn't open it. Biceps bulging out of a tight blue T-shirt, the fan unsuccessfully tried to unscrew the cap with his left hand as the SNY TV cameras caught his struggles. He then used part of his pants for a better grip, but to no avail.

The hilarious moment was narrated live by Mets play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen.

“All that working out, and you can’t open a water bottle?” Cohen wondered on air as the man struggled.

“Oh come on,’’ baseball analyst Keith Hernandez followed. “Sir, I think you got the wrong workout program.”

The hulking fan then tried using his right hand, but he still couldn't open the bottle. Accepting defeat, he handed the bottle to someone else before the camera cut away.

“You know what I would love?” Hernandez said. “If one of the ladies did it, and just popped it open. That would be a classic.”