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Tulane student Peter Gold, shot while trying to save woman from attacker, to appear on TODAY

In a TODAY exclusive, Peter Gold, the Tulane University medical student who was shot trying to stop an attacker in 2015, will speak with Matt Lauer on Tuesday.
/ Source: TODAY

Peter Gold, the Tulane University medical student who was shot while trying to stop an attack on a woman outside a New Orleans bar in 2015, will speak with Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview on TODAY Tuesday.

In his first interview since that harrowing day, Gold will also watch the surveillance camera footage of the shooting for the first time.

Peter Gold, shown during his graduation from medical school at Tulane University, will speak exclusively with Matt Lauer about being shot by an attacker in 2015 as he tried to intervene to help a woman in distress. Courtesy of Peter Gold

Around 4:30 a.m. on Nov. 20, 2015, Gold intervened to help a woman being dragged by a hooded man and was shot in the stomach by gunman Euric Cain.

Cain then tried to shoot Gold in the head, but his gun jammed. The chilling scene was captured in a surveillance video.

Cain was arrested three days later. In October, he was sentenced to 54 years in prison for a crime spree that also included rapes and armed robberies.

Gold, who has fully recovered from his injuries, will also watch the surveillance footage of the attack for the first time since that night. Courtesy of Peter Gold

Gold recovered from his injuries and went on to graduate from Tulane's medical school and continue with his doctorate. During Cain's sentencing, Gold appeared in court to make a statement to his attacker.

"I want you to know and understand the effect your individual actions had not just on me, but on those around me,'' he said. "My family was a trainwreck. I will never forget the pain and trauma you caused them."

In the aftermath of the shooting, Gold launched a nonprofit called Strong City to provide education, mentoring and other programs to at-risk youth in New Orleans.

Watch TODAY Tuesday, April 11, for Gold's live interview.

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