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Try these 20 top-tested products for moms

Parenting magazine shares their list of 20 years worth of great gear from the anniversary issue of the magazine.

Do your kids draw on the walls, spill their juice and scrape their knees? If yes, you might already know about some of Parenting magazine's favorite products for moms. In their 20th anniversary issue, Parenting looks back at the 20 best products of the past 20 years — those things that just make life easier in the kitchen, in the nursery, or on the road. Lisa Bain is the executive editor of Parenting and she was invited to discuss some of the “Mom-Tested” favorites on TODAY. Here’s the list and more from Parenting magazine:

What is “Mom-Tested”?
Parenting magazine calls on a wealth of talent to determine what products earn the "Mom-Tested" label. Volunteer moms from across the country reality-test these items with their own families, in their own homes. When they report back on their favorites, we know these products have been approved by the toughest critics out there: real moms.

Crayola Washable Markers (1987)
(Suggested Retail Price: $5, Crayola) Arts-and-crafts cleanup is tough enough: These make getting "mistakes" off your kids’ clothes easier than ever.

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor
(Suggested Retail Price: $40, Cuisinart)It makes whipping up homemade baby food a cinch — and doesn't crowd a countertop like the bigger version.

Boppy Pillow (1990)
(Suggested Retail Price: $25, Boppy Pillow)Because of the unique U-shape design, your baby can snuggle closer while she nurses, making it more comfortable for her and for you.

Baby Trend Snap N Go (1994)
(Suggested Retail Price: $65, Baby Trend)Who wants to move a sleeping baby from car seat to stroller? This frame saves time — and rude awakenings.

Tiny Love 3-D Gymini Activity Gym (1993)
(Suggested Retail Price: $40, Tiny Love)You can tote this mini–entertainment center anywhere you go.

Playtex No-Spill Sippy Cup (1994)
(Suggested Retail Price: $5, Playtex)A suction control means fewer messes. And this new model, "Create My Own," allows kids to personalize their cups, so there are no more mix-ups at daycare.

Medela Pump In Style (1996)
(Suggested Retail Price: $250, Medela. Medela Pump In Style Advanced, $350.)The hospital-grade pump makes expressing milk at work quicker than ever — and the cute bag means not everyone has to know what you're doing when you close your office door.

Shout Stain Remover Wipes (1996)
(Suggested Retail Price: $2.40, Shout)It's like they were invented just for moms! Keep a stash in your purse for those unexpected — yet inevitable — kid spills.

Powdered Formula Dispenser (1997)
(Suggested Retail Price: $2.50, Munchkin)With its premeasured compartments, this takes the guesswork out of mixing bottles, at home and on the go. Swiffer Sweeper
(Suggested Retail Price: $10, Swiffer)This simple mop makes quickie cleanups super effective: Run it around high-traffic areas between down-on-your-knees scrub jobs to keep your home grime-free. Liquid Band-Aid
(Suggested Retail Price: $7, Band-Aid)Perfect for those spots where a traditional bandage just won’t stick. Portable DVD Player (2000)
(Suggested Retail Price: $149, Audiovox)The ultimate solution to backseat squabbles, and especially handy once "I Spy" and "The Alphabet Game" lose their charm. SkipHop DUO Diaper Bag (2003)
(Suggested Retail Price: $56, SkipHop)A tote that hangs on the stroller (without tipping it) instead of straining your already aching back — why did no one think of it before?

Ergo Baby Carrier (2003)
(Suggested Retail Price: $92, Ergo Baby)With an ideal weight limit of 40 pounds and adjustable straps that let you wear it three ways, it can carry you both into the toddler years. Note: The carrier should be worn with the child facing in towards mom for baby’s optimal positioning and comfort.  (For detailed instructions, please visit: Clean Magic Eraser (2003)
(Suggested Retail Price: $3 for a two-pack, Mr. Clean)Finally — getting rid of crayon on the wall no longer means searching for an old paint can in the basement. Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair (2005)
(Suggested Retail Price: $50, Fisher-Price)Comes with all the essentials you find in a full-size model — like a reclining seat and dishwasher-safe tray — but takes up half the space in your kitchen. Diaper Genie II (2006)
(Suggested Retail Price: $30, Playtex)An even better stink-collector than the original, the new diaper pail is on every mom-to-be's registry for good reason.

Graco Digital Baby Monitor (2005)
(Suggested Retail Price: $60, Graco Baby)Its new technology means there's no chance of picking up the cries of the baby next door.

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing (2005)
(Suggested Retail Price: $85, Fisher-Price)Yay! A swing that goes without cranks or batteries — just plug it in.

EasyShare V803 (2007)
(Suggested Retail Price: $200, Kodak)Since digital cameras first hit in 1997, they've gotten easier to use (and better yet — cheaper). This one's so foolproof you can skip the instructions.

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