Touching wedding-dance tribute to bride's late father goes viral 

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By Linda Carroll

Countless wedding videos crop up on YouTube, but one is so touching that it’s still going viral a full two years after the bride tossed her bouquet.

On Monday, that bride, Andrea Stockton, came on TODAY to talk about her continuing viral fame — and announce some big news.

The, video, titled "Bride's Special Dance," opens with Andrea Stocking getting ready for her first dance at her wedding reception. Then her brother announces a surprise — one that has to do with their father, who had succumbed to pancreatic cancer earlier that year.

“We’re missing someone pretty important this evening that would be obviously here for the dance with his little girl,” Nick Middleton announces, pausing to take a breath and brush a tear from his eye. He then explains that he recorded himself singing the song “Butterfly Kisses,” and that that recording will be playing as each of the men in the family takes a turn dancing with his sister.

A stunned Andrea stares in open-mouthed shock, and then starts to sob.

Two years later, that video can still make Stocking weep, and it's as big a hit as ever on YouTube, where it has racked more than 4 million views. “I’m absolutely shocked,” Stocking told Natalie Morales Monday on TODAY, where she was joined by brother Nick as well as her husband, Luke Stocking. “All of America, apparently, loves to watch me cry."

She added: “It’s really about the amazing gesture that Nick did. And it’s shocking every time. It keeps coming back.”

Stocking admitted that even now it is difficult for her to watch the video because she becomes so emotional.

“I don’t watch it when people show it — and his mom likes to show it a lot,” she said with a smile, looking over at her husband. “I leave the room. As soon as I hear Nick’s voice, the waterworks begin.”

The power of the song lies in its history with Andrea’s family. “The significance was that our older sister Kristen had actually danced [to 'Butterfly Kisses'] with dad at her wedding years prior," Nick Middleton explained. "So I had the thought to do something special to kind of fill the void that was going to be there for her special day. I wanted to do something for her.”

The unusual wedding gift was all the more special because everyone knew how shy Middleton was and how much he had to overcome to make the recording.

As for Andrea's news, it's that she and Luke are now expecting their first child, a little girl they’ve chosen to name Natalie. “Little Natalie’s nickname will be Natso,” Luke said with a smile.

“It’s just like Natmo,” Andrea told Morales. “I watch a lot of the TODAY show.”