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Top road trip accessories

/ Source: Weekend Today

TomTom Go 300 GPS Device ($699)Popular Mechanics tested several mounted GPS devices, but liked this one the best. They call it the most portable and best value on the market. The Go 300 can mount directly on the dashboard or on the window with a suction cup, both of which is cheaper and easier than having it installed. It has turn-by-turn voice guidance with different voices: "Richard," "Bonnie" and "Laurie" are American; "Ken" is Australian; "Jane" is English. It doesn't just speak in different voices, but 30 languages in 50 voices. The touchscreen Go 300 can be hooked up to the car's power adapter and it also has a battery that the manufacturer says can last 5 hours. A 1GB memory card can carry maps of the entire country.NoCord SummerSeat ($60) This isn't just for the car. It can be used for the home or office as well. It cools off the car seat when it gets too hot - as can happen in the middle of summer. You can plug it in to the cigarette lighter (or wall jack at home or office). It has an adjustable built in fan to circulate air to the legs. And an automatic shut off after an hour, prevents draining the battery (some car cigarette lighters still runs after the ignition is turned off. PM did find one drawback: it's a little noisy.

Audiovox D1020 ($699) This is a 10.2 inch screen that is attached between the two front seats so both passengers in the back can watch. It comes with a remote control. You can be listened to through wireless headphones which are included, or through the car speakers using an FM modulator, also included. This has another outlet so you can use it to plug-in another accessory (like a GPS or a SummerSeat).

Coleman 36 Quart Xtreme Cooler ($35)This is a 36-quart wheeled cooler. What makes this extraordinary is that it can store ice in 90 degree heat for five days! It holds 46 cans plus ice.

E-Charge Emergency Car Starter ($40)If you're traveling in remote areas this is great to have. If a car's battery doesn't work and there isn't anyone around and AAA can't make it for several hours, this can jump start a car in only 15 minutes. It works by plugging it in through your cigarette lighter. You can also use it to recharge cellphones, PDAs and cameras.

Thule Evolution 1800 Rack ($499)A luggage rack that's not aerodynamically designed can take 5 percent off of your miles per gallon. This aerodynamic luggage rack from Thule can help reduce some of that. It goes on the top of the car and holds 18 cubic feet of storage. It's great to use in the winter too: It can hold 6-8 pairs of skis.