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This toddler's reaction to getting his first parking ticket is priceless

A toddler was issued a fake ticket after illegally parking his red toy motorcycle and he's not too happy about it.
/ Source: TODAY

Drivers beware! This little boy has already hit the road, but it seems he's yet to learn parking 101.

Declan Tramley, 3, wasn't exactly paying attention to the signs when he decided to park his toy red motorcycle on the street in Halifax, Canada. Maybe that's because he can't even read yet.

Unfortunately for the toddler, he picked the wrong spot. Cst. Shawn Currie, who is part of the Halifax Police Department's community response team, happened to be on patrol in the area and decided to have a little fun with Declan, who had parked illegally.

As the boy parked the little red motorcycle and walked away, his dad caught Cst. Currie's eye and they came up with the idea to write a fake ticket as a joke.

So Cst. Currie came over and started issuing a ticket to the bike. Declan's reaction was priceless — he ran over, sat down on the motorcycle and looked distraught. Just like an adult!

The adorable picture of Declan sitting on his motorcycle in distress, which was posted on the Halifax Regional Police Facebook page, has since gone viral.

"I'm utterly amazed," Cst. Currie told TODAY. "First, the reaction of Declan. It's cute and funny. It's not a normal policing picture. It's refreshing to see this."

Cst. Currie, who has been part of the community response team for seven and half years, explained that as a team they are always looking for different stories to show the nice side of policing.

Luckily for Declan, the traffic violation was a fake, but it's one ticket he won't be throwing away.

“He loves his ticket (now). He tried to go to bed with his ticket,” his mother Lisa told CTV news.

If only all parking tickets had such happy endings!