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Toddler has hilarious meltdown while meeting Queen Elizabeth

/ Source: TODAY

There are only two words to describe this toddler's feelings upon meeting Queen Elizabeth II: Over. It.

On Wednesday, the queen attended the opening of a new memorial dedicated to soldiers who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. While there, she was introduced to two attending officers and a little toddler.

And let's just say this little guy was not impressed.

Sky News tweeted out a clip showing the squirmy fellow trying to make a run for it before his mom grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

The little guy — whom the British press identified as 2-year-old Alfie Lunn — continued to try to escape by pulling an elaborate spin move, and then went limp and dropped to the ground, showing just how over it he was.


Luckily, the queen smiled and seemed charmed by the boy's wiley antics. And thank goodness, because as we discovered yesterday, the queen can be quite ruthless when it comes to ending an awkward interaction.

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Her sense of humor certainly makes sense — we have to imagine her 3-year-old grandson Prince George has thrown his share of tantrums at this point!