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TODAY's Voice competition

It's now down to the final two: Alexis and couple Tosha and BJ. And now it's up to you to pick the winner. Cast your vote for who you think should win TODAY's Voice competition and tune in tomorrow to see who's the winner.

Team Hoda

Name: Alexis RussellFrom: Brentwood, Tenn. Age: 18-years-old Some facts about her: She studies mass communications at LSU; She's been singing since she can remember; She's been singing in choir since her freshman year in high school.Team Kathie Lee

Name: Tosha Roberts and BJ (William) RobertsFrom: West VirginiaAge: She is 36, He is 34Occupation: BJ is a music director at their church. Tosha is a teacher and stay at home momSome facts about them: They have been married for 12 years; They met through singing over 14 years ago; They have 5 children.