TODAY's Takeaway: Willie dunks, Tamron sprints, photogenic player smiles

Willie dunks in Michael Jordan's house, Tamron runs across the plaza to Al, and the ridiculously photogenic football player talks fame.

1. The TODAY anchors had a difficult time interviewing a Notre Dame football player who’s risen to fame this week for being "ridiculously photogenic," because, well, he’s ridiculously good looking.

Tamron, Natalie and Savannah swooned as Cam McDaniel, whose Zoolander-esque face was caught mid-tackle by a photographer, described seeing the shot for the first time.

“To be completely honest, I found it a bit comical myself when I first saw it,” he told the ladies on Friday. “(And I was) in a little bit of disbelief.”

2. Willie also tried his own hand at a big sports play today – in Michael Jordan’s house.

He got an exclusive tour of the basketball legend’s up-for-auction mansion, and called it a playground for grown-ups. He even dunked in Jordan’s indoor basketball court.

“I haven’t dunked in a few years,” Willie told the TODAY team. “But I put that jersey on and somehow, when you put on 23, something happens."

3. Military families are calling Minnesota Vikings player Jared Allen the answer to their prayers.

The defensive end was inspired by a 2009 USO tour to Iraq and Iran to start a charity that builds and retrofits homes for wounded veterans.

“We have a much bigger responsibility than just being football players in this world,” he told TODAY.

4. Do you know how to wash your face? No, you don’t.

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You’re doing it wrong! How to wash your face

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You’re doing it wrong! How to wash your face

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5. As anchors sometimes are, Tamron was late to get on camera this morning with Savannah and Carson. She ran to meet them and – well, just watch. It’s magic.

And that's TODAY's Takeaway!