TODAY's Takeaway: Spring cleaning tips, Kenworthy's pups, Matt's apps

Elizabeth Mayhew offers spring cleaning tips, Gus Kenworthy brings in his new pups and Matt demonstrates his favorite apps.

1. After nearly a month of anticipation, Olympian Gus Kenworthy stopped by Studio 1A with his adorable, newly adopted puppies from Sochi.

“It's just incredible,” Kenworthy said as Tamron nuzzled one of the pups. “It feels so nice to have them home. These dogs have traveled thousands of miles, and it's been many, many weeks of this whole process kind of coming to an end.”

2. According to documents obtained by NBC News, a manufacturer of cochlear implants sold defective implants for years — causing pain and suffering to hundreds of families. Senior investigative correspondent Lisa Myers reported on the controversy.

3. Matt introduced Tamron, Willie and Al to two of his favorite apps. He was especially excited about RunPee, which tells you the best time to take a bathroom break during a film. The other anchors? Not so much.

"This didn't go the way I thought it would," Matt told Carson with a laugh.

4. Did you know you should clean your dishwasher? Matt didn't, and he's the most germaphobic anchor we know!

Good thing lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew was around to teach him (and us) 11 easy DIY spring cleaning tips.

5. Cynthia Nixon’s all in for a third “Sex and the City” movie installment.

"From your lips to God's ears," she told Tamron. Referring to Michael Patrick King, who wrote many key episode of the series as well as the two "SATC" films, and her costar Sarah Jessica Parker, she said, "If Michael Patrick will write it and Sarah Jessica will star in it, absolutely."

Where do we go to make this happen?

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Cynthia Nixon: I ‘absolutely’ want ‘Sex and the City 3’

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Cynthia Nixon: I ‘absolutely’ want ‘Sex and the City 3’

Play Video - 3:53

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