TODAY's Takeaway: September 11 Museum opens; Tara the hero cat wins hearts

Rudy Giuliani calls 9/11 Museum "profound," Tara the cat is a hero and Matt's graduation pics get (intentionally) leaked for Throwback Thursday.

1. To mark the official opening of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Thursday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Matt to talk about his experience seeing the project completed.

“It was very, very profound, very emotional — much more than I thought,” he said.   

2. Turns out the hero cat who stole hearts by saving a boy from a dog attack in a now-viral video is actually very mellow.  

"I think that dog did not know what hit him,” the boy’s (and cat’s) parents told TODAY.

3. The parents of some super-smart children explained how they sent seven of their kids to college by age 12.

"We didn't have this great plan,'' mom Mona Lisa Harding told Matt Lauer. “It just kind of happened.”

4. It’s Throwback Thursday! Or, as Matt explained, it's “Humiliate the Hosts Day!”

The anchors offered a blast from the past, showing off their graduation pictures. TODAY fans joined in on Twitter and Facebook with #CapAndGown.

5. Maria Shriver introduced TODAY viewers to a sweet Texas couple who both have Down syndrome and have been best friends since childhood — now they are beating the odds and getting married.

“I want to marry her because I love her. She's my very own best friend,” Austin Underwood told Shriver.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!