TODAY's Takeaway: Savannah launches baby blog; woman describes bear attack

Utah man survives being trapped in a canyon, Savannah launches her pregnancy blog and a Florida woman describes being attacked by a bear.

1. A Florida woman who was attacked by a 200-pound bear in her own garage over the weekend said she’s thankful to be alive.

“I can't close my eyes and not think about it, see it, feel it,” Terri Frana, who needed 30 staples in her scalp and 10 stitches in her forehead, told TODAY. “I'm here for my kids."

2. Savannah is four months pregnant and counting — the perfect time to start a pregnancy blog!

“Here at, we thought it would be fun to have a place to gather to muse about pregnancy — and all its assorted joys, fears and weirdness — and I figured I could canvass all you smarties for pregnancy and parenting advice!” the anchor wrote in her first mom-to-be post.

3. Jason Knight described how he and his two sons survived three days trapped inside a canyon before being rescued Saturday.

“You have to teach your kids what to do in an emergency like that,” the Utah man told Carson.

4. Survivors of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing are more hopeful than ever, thanks in part to the college students behind “Boston Strong” — a campaign that’s raised $1 million for victims of the tragedy.

“I’m hoping for a normal life, and I know it’s gonna come,” bombing victim Marc Fucarile told TODAY.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!