TODAY's Takeaway: Ron Goldman's sister talks about O.J.; weight-loss woman gets photo shoot

Kim Goldman, Tamron Hall, Brooke Birmingham.

1. Kim Goldman, sister of the late Ron Goldman, who killed along with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994, said she considered killing O.J. Simpson when she saw him alone following his acquittal in her brother's murder trial.

"I was driving in a strip mall and this figure walked in front of my car, and I knew it was him,'' Goldman told Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Friday. "I was revving the engine, and I thought, 'I could take him out and nobody would ever know.'" But she said she couldn't do it because "I'm not a killer."

2. A photo of a bikini-clad Brooke Birmingham went viral after she said it was rejected for Shape magazine’s website. The photo, taken after Birmingham lost 172 pounds, showed excess skin around her midsection, a reality of weight loss that she proudly wanted to show others.

Now a bikini picture of Birmingham will now appear in the magazine after all, she and one of the magazine’s top editors said on TODAY Friday. “We want to start a larger discussion about what happens after you lose a significant amount of weight,” editor-at-large Bahar Takhtehchian said.

3. Noah has replaced Jacob as the most popular baby name for boys, while Sophia remains the No. 1 name for girls, according to the Social Security Administration, which revealed its top baby names of 2013 on TODAY Friday.

The two names deserve their rankings, according to Pamela Satran, co-founder of the baby name website Nameberry: “Both names have long histories, worthy namesakes and a modern, fashionable feel."

4. After Avery Harrison received the devastating news in January that she had stage four breast cancer, her mother, Lynne Hendrix, gave her constant support. “My mom became my angel, my strength,” Harrison, 38, wrote in an email to TODAY.

When Harrison told her mom that they had won a contest to appear on TODAY Friday, Hendrix didn’t know her daughter would give her an amazing surprise live on the show. “Mom, I just wanted to share with you my recent test results,” an emotional Harrison said. “The doctor has said that my cancer is gone.”

“Praise the lord,” Hendrix said.

5. During a TODAY's Take discussion Friday about a Mother Nature Network article on whether daily showers are a necessity, Tamron Hall questioned whether people really need to bathe so often. “People with skin issues notice that when they forgo daily baths, it eases up eczema and dry skin,” she pointed out.

Tamron, who revealed that her friends call her "Ashlee Simpson" because of her ashy, dry skin, said she liked the idea of bathing less frequently: "I think I’m going to try it," she said.

“Would you let us know when?" Al Roker said, then quickly added: "Well, I guess we’ll probably know when."

And that's TODAY's Takeaway!

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