TODAY's Takeaway: Mike Anderson speaks out from prison; Bill Cosby offers words of wisdom

Mike Anderson speaks out from prison, Hoda opens up with other cancer survivors and Bill Cosby offers inspiration.

1. Mike Anderson, who avoided spending 13 years behind bars for armed robbery because of botched paperwork, spoke exclusively to NBC News' Kate Snow from prison.

“I think about my wife, my children ... all my family ... and I just try and stay positive, you know,” Anderson told Snow. “'Cause it is depressing.”

2. Three cancer survivors joined Hoda this morning to share their experiences in dealing with the changes to their body during treatment.

“Those scars were my life,” Madaline McKay told TODAY. “I never felt ugly. I never felt like I need to hide these scars. They're just a part of me.”

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Hoda to cancer survivor: ‘You exude life and love’

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Hoda to cancer survivor: ‘You exude life and love’

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a, who is now six years cancer-free, wrote an essay for about coming to terms with her post-cancer body image.

3. Legendary comedian Bill Cosby chatted with Matt this morning, and offered viewers a few words of wisdom.

"Don't be afraid of anything... Don't let anything defeat you. Don't hold back."

4. A nasty dispute over a new house that’s being built in North Carolina has neighbors choosing sides. Some residents say the design just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the area.

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5. After Matt revealed he’s never seen “Star Wars” on Wednesday’s broadcast, viewers voiced their shock, outrage and sheer letdown. Which inspired us to ask: What classic movie have you NOT seen?

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