TODAY's Takeaway: Matt tours 9/11 memorial; James Franco shares selfie tips

Cher extends her tour, Matt visits the 9/11 memorial and James Franco offers Savannah selfie tips.

1. Michael Bloomberg gave Matt an exclusive tour of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, which is set to open next week. Bloomberg called it a place of reflection and remembrance.

"It destroyed a neighborhood," the former mayor of New York said. "It didn't destroy our ways of life, but it changed it. But also, I think it strengthened Americans — that nobody was going to take away our freedom."

2. The parents of twins who held hands shortly after being born in a now-viral picture said they’re stunned by the attention.

“I never thought that it would go viral like this and spread across the world and touch so many people," mom Sarah Thistlethwaite told TODAY.

3. At 67 years young, Cher has no plans of retiring. The legendary singer and actress announced exclusively on TODAY that she’s extending her “Dressed to Kill” tour by 27 shows.

4. James Franco stopped by the studio to talk about his new movie, “Palo Alto,” and took the opportunity to offer Savannah a bit of social media advice.

“I think a little skin would get you up in the 50,000 likes,” he suggested. “A little skin with the pregnant belly. That'll get that up there.”

5. Speaking of Savannah’s baby bump: The anchor admits in her latest blog that she’s already feeling the mom guilt — and pride.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!