TODAY's Takeaway: Matt goes fishing, Olympic flag bearer beams

On TODAY on Thursday, Matt fishes for his dinner, Todd Lodwick gets excited about flag-bearing and Lindsey Vonn talks about the pressures Olympic athletes feel.

1. Nordic combined skier Todd Lodwick was beyond thrilled when he learned he’ll be the flag bearer for the U.S. Olympic athletes at Friday’s Opening Ceremony in Sochi.

“It was very much a personal moment for me and for sure my parents,” Lodwick told Matt on Thursday. “They’ve been a supporter of mine for God knows how long, since the Olympic Games started for me in 1994, so to have this honor is awesome. It’s so many emotions coming out.”

Nordic combined skier Todd Lodwick, who is the first six-time Winter Olympian from the U.S., was named by his peers to be the U.S. flag bearer at the Opening Ceremony on Friday in Sochi.

2. Which is better at the Olympics: Being the anticipated winner, or being the underdog? Lindsey Vonn knows firsthand how intense the experience can become for athletes favored to bring home Olympic gold.

“It definitely adds to the stress and pressure,” Vonn told Savannah. “I would much rather be the underdog. You have more space. When you’re in the spotlight, the cameras follow you everywhere. ... It definitely makes things a lot harder.”

Lindsey Vonn talked to Savannah Guthrie about the pressures Olympians face Thursday on TODAY.

3. Matt got to enjoy a traditional Russian feast at a restaurant outside the hustle and bustle of Olympic Park. His meal included a cabbage dish, beef, beans, bread, beer — and a fish that he caught himself before taking a seat at his table.

“How could you, Matt?” Savannah asked. “You know that whole fish's back story, you know his hopes and dreams, and then you just ate him?" Matt’s reaction? “It’s good eating, guys.”

4. Think fast: What’s your favorite Olympic movie of all time? With more than 3,000 TODAY viewers weighing in, “Cool Runnings” rose to the top of the heap. The TODAY anchors have other favorites of their own: Savannah loves “The Cutting Edge,” while Natalie adores “Chariots of Fire.”

5. Author Kelly Corrigan explores a special relationship in her new memoir: the mother-daughter bond. In her younger years, Corrigan didn't think she had much in common with her mother — but when she had kids of her own, everything changed

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