TODAY's Takeaway: Man spans US to save pups; anchors try 'meatless' meat

Gok Wan helps women love their bodies, Greg Mahle saves dogs destined to die and Craig Melvin reports on "meatless" meat.

1. Bob Dotson introduced us to a Rhode Island man who saves dogs destined to die. Greg Mahle links volunteers who rescue unwanted dogs with others who offer loving homes.

2. Bill Gates and others are betting millions that meat lovers will embrace a new plant-based product that mimics the taste of chicken and beef.

NBC’s Craig Melvin reported on the “meatless” meat, and challenged the anchors to identify it in a taste-test. (Spoiler: They failed.)

3. Gok Wan, host of the U.K.'s “How to Look Good Naked,” told Natalie how he shows women to love their bodies as part of our “Love Your Selfie” series.

"I've made it my mission to try and help every woman in the world feel better about herself and her body," Wan said.

4. Prince William, Duchess Kate and chubby-cheeked Prince George wrapped up their three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand Friday. We learned so much about the royal family during their adventures Down Under. For starters: The little prince has teeth!

5. We asked TODAY fans what they think of Ronald McDonald’s new makeover. The verdict: They’re not lovin’ it.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!