TODAY's Takeaway: Kelly's morning sickness, Martha's Thanksgiving tips

Martha Stewart gives Thanksgiving tips, Tamron asks TODAY fans what they think of the waitress's claim and Kelly Clarkson performs holiday hits.

1. Storms lumbering up the East Coast threaten to spoil travel plans for millions of travelers this Thanksgiving. Follow the latest here.

2. The New Jersey waitress's claim that she was denied a tip last week because she is openly gay is being disputed by the couple she allegedly served.

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3. Kelly Clarkson is still singing, despite “all day and all night” morning sickness. This morning the mom-to-be performed numbers off her first Christmas album, “Wrapped in Red.”

4. Martha Stewart dropped by the Orange Room to offer last-minute Thanksgiving tips to TODAY fans, from brining to bourbon. Check out the domestic doyenne’s advice:

5. Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss opened up to Matt about his struggle since childhood with bipolar disorder.

"I didn't know it was a manic state," he explained. "I just thought I was really happy, and everything that was bad, I turned to good."

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