TODAY's Takeaway: Journalist vows return to Ukraine; Matt faces the mirror

Tamron dances in her fancy yellow pants, Simon Ostrovsky wants to go back to Ukraine and Matt tells us what he sees in the mirror.

1. Tornadoes killed at least 16 people across three states Sunday night, but the worst of the storms tore through Arkansas.

"It's widespread,'' Vilonia, Ark., police chief Brad McNew told Savannah. "Houses completely down to the foundations. A lot worse than it was three years ago."

2. To launch this week’s “Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty” series, the TODAY anchors shared what they see when they stand in front of a mirror.

3. Simon Ostrovsky, an American journalist who was taken prisoner in eastern Ukraine last week, said he is eager to return despite the escalating danger.

“I think the reason they took me was because they wanted to stop me reporting,” Ostrovsky told Savannah. “I’d really like to go back to Ukraine and continue sending stories from there, because that’s what it’s all about.”

4. NBA players want Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to face the maximum penalty the league can assess for his allegedly racist comments.

"It's a defining moment in the history of this league,'' Sacramento mayor and former NBA all-star Kevin Johnson told Matt.

5. Do you need a little sunshine to start your week? Tamron’s pants can help.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!