TODAY's Takeaway: Holiday party tipsiness, top Christmas movie bracket 

Janet Shamlian takes a ride on the busiest delivery day of the year, "Love Actually" struggles to stay in the TODAY Christmas Movie Bracket and one man tries to prove he's fit to drive.

1. Before you head to your company’s holiday party, consider this: You may be drunker than you think when the soiree finishes.

Jeff Rossen conducted a social experiment with volunteers, proving most people’s judgment is impaired when they decide to get behind the wheel of a car.

2. Today is the busiest delivery day of the year (thank you, online shopping!). Janet Shamlian caught a ride on one of UPS’s signature brown trucks to get a first-hand look:

3. When asked to make a public service announcement for a school assignment, two Colorado teens chose a topic that surprised their teacher: eating disorders.

“When little girls see ‘You are Beautiful,’ they will realize they’re not alone,” said one woman who struggled with bulimia as a child.

4. A group of first responders has found a way to transform tragedy into a way to help others, starting WishGivers, a non-profit that helps other first responders.

"They have to compartmentalize because they're trained to not feel so you can do your job," the non-profit's co-founder said. "How do you compartmentalize when it's your own child?"

5. Is there a holiday film you can't get through the season without watching? Maybe "Home Alone" or "It's a Wonderful Life?" Then check out our Christmas Movie Face-off Bracket.

We’ll update it daily, so stay tuned for the big announcement: the greatest Christmas movie of all time.


And that's TODAY's Takeaway!