TODAY's Takeaway: Girl who shaved head for friend makes mother proud; veggies rule Fresh Cooks Live

Kamryn Renfro shaves her head in support of her best friend, Delaney, and Daniel Klein prepares vegetarian dishes on Fresh Cooks Live.

1. When her best friend, Delaney, lost her hair from chemotherapy, Kamryn Renfro decided to shave her head in support. But that brave act got her suspended from school.

“I was pretty sad that they didn’t let me go to school,” she told Savannah. “I was feeling that I was punished.”

The school eventually let her back in, and Delaney said she's been touched by Kamryn's kindness.

"I felt very good inside," Delaney said. "I was so happy that I would have somebody there for me and she was there for me the whole step of the way and everything."

2. Vegetarians made their savory case this morning as part of our Fresh Cooks Live: TODAY's Spring Cookalong series. Mirra Fine and Daniel Klein of Perennial Plate dished up mushroom tacos, strawberry salad and more on's livestream.

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Full demo: Make quinoa with veggies, mushroom tacos

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Full demo: Make quinoa with veggies, mushroom tacos

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3. Nine-year-old Emily Sunshine Hamilton, whose vocals went viral on YouTube this week, wowed everyone in Studio 1A this morning — especially Tamron.  

“I can’t stop staring at you,” Tamron told the young singer. “You’re just amazing!”

4. In a sketch Thursday night, “The Daily Show” pointed out how Savannah took Princeton Mom Susan Patton’s advice to heart earlier this month.

"This book was such a wake-up call, Savannah Guthrie got married, lost her virginity and became four months pregnant in six days!" correspondent Kristen Schaal said. "You go, girl!"

5. Would you visit a replica of Noah’s Ark on vacation? Because you can.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!

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