TODAY'S Takeaway: Favre's fears, Al's inspiration, Tamron's puppy love

TODAY highlights: Brett Favre with Matt Lauer, Tamron Hall snuggles a puppy, and Al Roker praises Willard Scott.

1. Legendary quarterback and future Hall of Famer Brett Favre spoke to Matt Lauer about football, concussions and his future  in a piece set to air Monday

In a snippet of the candid interview, Favre said he doesn't have a son, but if he did, he told Lauer, "I would be real leery of him playing" football. "In some respects, I'm almost glad I don't have a son because of the pressures he would face."

2. As part of TODAY’s #InspiredBy series, Al Roker offered a touching and sincere tribute to his mentor, the iconic Willard Scott.

Al and Willard first met in Washington, D.C., when Al was 22. “We were kindred spirits,” Al said. “I wouldn’t be here doing the TODAY show if it wasn’t for Willard.”

3. An armed fugitive was killed after police confronted him in a children’s hospital in Milwaukee on Thursday, and one young patient describes barricading her room before hiding in a bathroom. Hear about her harrowing experience:

4. Time warp! Sarah Chrisman, 29, had always been obsessed with Victorian life, she told TODAY, and was inspired by wearing a corset to dress exclusively in the attire of the era. Now, she bathes with a pitcher and basin, sews her own clothes, and uses only oil lamps. That's dedication, folks.

In honor of Chrisman's experiment, Natalie, Willie and Al tried out a corset -- and breathed to tell about it:

5. Puppies! Lots of puppies! To help TODAY celebrate hitting 2 million followers on Twitter, nonprofit group Guiding Eyes for the Blind lent some of their guide dogs-in-training for an Orange Room puppy party. Here's Tamron having such a ruff Friday:

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!