TODAY's Takeaway: Ex-platoon mate says Bergdahl is no hero; Al surprises Dallas with treasures

1. A former platoon mate of Bowe Bergdahl told TODAY he thought the former Taliban prisoner abandoned his post and endangered the lives of soldiers who died searching for him.

“We all served together and we were all in it together over there and he broke that bond by leaving us,” Army Sgt. Josh Korder told Savannah.

2. Al made a surprise visit to Dallas, Texas, this morning as part of TODAY’s Treasure Hunt.

Inspired by the social media scavenger hunt @HiddenCash, he’s hiding envelopes in three great American cities this week.

3. After 7-year-old Cameron Thompson got in trouble for making fun of another boy at school, he wrote a letter apologizing. But he still felt sad.

The solution? Starting an anti-bully club at school.

“Since I was sad, I thought I could make it up to him and he could feel better and I could feel better, too,” the second-grader told TODAY.

4. We all learned something new (and wonderful!) about Morgan Freeman during TODAY’s Take: He has “soft and delicious” lips.

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Morgan Freeman: My lips are ‘soft and delicious’

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Morgan Freeman: My lips are ‘soft and delicious’

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And that's TODAY's Takeaway!