TODAY's Takeaway: Dr. Nancy's daughter meets birth mom, Natalie learns stick

Dr. Nancy's daughter, Kate, meets her birth mom, Willie teaches Natalie how to drive stick.

1. This morning Dr. Nancy Snyderman shared the journey of her adopted daughter, Kate, who decided to seek out her biological mother after 27 years.

“I knew so clearly that I was Kate’s mom and that our bond was so strong that nothing could disrupt that,” Nancy told Matt. “But I also believe very firmly that I have no right to interfere with her journey and figuring out who she is.”

Dr. Nancy and Kate chronicled the meeting – from a mother’s perspective and a daughter’s – on

2. The parents of Ryan Ferguson, a Missouri man who’s been in prison for nearly 10 years for a crime he says he didn’t commit, say they feel “totally vindicated” about their son’s overturned murder conviction.

"Everything that Ryan has said has come to be true,” Ryan’s father, Bill, told Savannah. “He is an innocent man and he should be freed immediately."

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Son’s thrown-out conviction has parents ‘vindicated’

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Son’s thrown-out conviction has parents ‘vindicated’

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3. High school teacher Brian Ludmer, who was shot by a gunman last week at LAX, told TODAY he thought the shooter would come back to finish the job.

“I expected to be shot again,” he recalled. “I’ve never been afraid like that.”

4. Natalie admitted recently to Willie that she didn’t know how to drive a stick shift.

The fix: He taught her – in a gigantic jeep.

Tomorrow on TODAY: Matt and Al will undergo prostate exams live on air to raise awareness for men's health.

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