TODAY's Takeaway: Costas weighs in on Sterling; Knox's lawyer maintains she's innocent

Bob Costas weighs in on Donald Sterling controversy, Savannah admits to hiding her pregnancy and Amanda Knox's lawyer maintains she's innocent.

1. The question looms: Will Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling go to court if forced to sell the team? Bob Costas told Matt the NBA may be in for a legal fight that could unearth negative facts about other team owners.

2. Amanda Knox’s U.S. lawyer maintained his client’s innocence in response to an Italian’s court’s latest contention that she murdered Meredith Kercher.

“There was no hair, fiber, footprint, shoe print, handprint, palm print, fingerprint, sweat, saliva, DNA of Amanda Knox in the room where Meredith Kercher was killed,” attorney Theodore Simon told Savannah. “That in and of itself tells you unassailably that she is innocent.”

3. Savannah admitted on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that she pretended to drink shots in Sochi to hide that she was pregnant. But Matt figured it out.

4. A program in Amsterdam partially funded by the government pays alcoholics with beer to pick up litter. The goal is to get them off the streets, where they drink all day.

5. “The Americans” star Matthew Rhys and Al recited the weekly opening to "The A-Team" in perfect unison during an impromptu performance. It was awesome.

6. Also, Matt hasn’t seen “Star Wars.”

What?! @Mattlauernbc has confessed to NEVER seeing any of the Star Wars movies! #How #TODAYShow

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