TODAY's Takeaway: Carson tries ramen-crusted chicken; Shakira shakes the plaza

Brandi Milloy makes ramen-crusted chicken, Shakira rocks the plaza and Karyn Renfro returns to school.

1. Ramen-crusted chicken wings? We were skeptical — until we saw Brandi Milloy, host of’s “Eat the Trend” series, make them this morning. 

See what else she cooked up as part of our Fresh Cooks Live: TODAY's Spring Cookalong series:

2. Shakira’s hips didn’t lie on the plaza this morning. The singer performed a few of her new and classic tunes, and chatted with Savannah about her latest season as judge on “The Voice.”

3. Nine-year-old Karyn Renfro, who shaved her head in solidarity with her cancer-stricken friend, was permitted to return to school after being banned for violating its dress code.

"I thought that people might make fun of me, but now that I actually got to go to school they actually didn't make fun of me,” she said.

4. A Massachusetts teacher quit her job over growing frustration with the school system’s emphasis on standardized testing.

“It takes the joy out of learning for the children," she told TODAY. "It takes the joy out of teaching.”

TODAY fans agreed with her.

5. Bystanders captured incredible footage of a construction worker trapped on the balcony of a burning building just moments before it collapsed.

"It was very scary,'' Karen Jones told TODAY Wednesday. "We were all near the windows. People were afraid. People were just wondering, 'Oh gosh, is this man going to make it? Are they going to get to him?'"

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!