TODAY's Takeaway: Boston bombing victim's 'hard road' to recovery; bouncers break World Record

Jeff Bauman talks about his hard road to recovery, three brothers bounce their way to a Guinness World Record and a mother talks about her own addiction to heroin.

1. The man who became the face of the Boston Marathon bombings one year ago is now engaged to the woman he cheered on during the race — and the couple is expecting a baby this summer.

"It’s been a hard road so far, but it’s getting better every day,” Jeff Bauman told Savannah.

2. As part of NBC News’ “Hooked: America’s Heroin Epidemic” series, Kate Snow spoke with a mom and former teacher about her harrowing heroin addiction.

“I’m a great mom,” Michelle (who asked that only her first name be used) told Snow. “I’m a teacher. I’m a daughter, a niece. I’m all of these great things and then I am a heroin addict showing up at a Fourth of July party with track marks.”

3. Three brothers made history this morning on the plaza when two bounced the third to record-breaking heights. Sean, Eric and T.J. set the new Guinness World Record— just over 22 feet — for highest trampoline bounce by a team.

4. Over the past three years, photographer Jessica Strom has volunteered to go to local NICUs and take free portraits of babies who don’t get to go home right away. The result is a frame-worthy labor of love.

“When you go back and look at the pictures, it’s like, oh, my gosh,” one mom told TODAY. “What a journey. How amazing is this that she was that little and that she had to be so strong.”

5. Martina McBride belted out songs from her new album — a collection of classics — this morning in Studio 1A.

"It was about seven months of looking for songs," she told Savannah. "Just going through the treasure trove of so many great songs. And it just came down to, you know, just what I felt and songs that fit my voice."

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