TODAY's Takeaway: AOL CEO apologizes to mom, Sage talks snowboard gold

Mother of "distressed" baby says Tim Armstrong apologized, Savannah anchors from Sochi and Sage Kotsenburg talks Olympic gold.

It was all hands on deck Monday morning as Savannah, Natalie, Al and Jenna joined Matt in Sochi to interview America’s newest Olympic medalists.

First up was snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg, who made history Saturday when he became the first U.S. athlete to win an Olympic medal on Russian soil. Also, he did it by trying a move he’d never done before.

“I just winged it, and I ended up landing it, so it was pretty cool,” he told TODAY. “There’s no other place to do it.”


The U.S. figure skating team, who earned a bronze medal in the first-ever team event Sunday, also stopped by to chat.

“This is a great warm-up for us and we’re ready to go tomorrow and Wednesday,” said Simon Shnapir, who will compete in the pairs competition along with partner Marissa Castelli.


Ashley Wagner even tried to recreate her “angry face” (move over McKayla Maroney), and Matt and Al joined in on the fun.


Also in huge Olympic news, Matt and Al announced they will once again snap on Spandex to try the double luge. (Stay tuned this week for training outtakes!)

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The mother of one of the “distressed” babies singled out by AOL’s CEO said Tim Armstrong apologized for his statement.

“His apology was heartfelt and I appreciated it and I do forgive him, and I understand that we all say things that we wish we could take back,” she told Savannah.

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