TODAY's Takeaway: Adam Lanza's father breaks silence; Jason Bateman can't spell

Peter Lanza tells journalist Andrew Solomon he is horrified, Al learns cleaning tricks for his pup and Jason Bateman admits he can't spell.

1. The father of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza told The New Yorker he wished his son had never been born.

“[Peter Lanza] said he struggled with coming to that, but what happened was so horrific he could only wish it away,'' Andrew Solomon, the journalist who interviewed him, told Savannah.

2. James and Tom Wood, whose brother was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished over the weekend, told Natalie memories from a recent visit with their brother is helping them cope with the news.

“It was incredible. It was a gift that we did get to see him. A whole week — he spent a whole week at my parents’ house,” Tom told Natalie.

3. TODAY correspondent and fraternal twin Jenna Bush Hager interviewed three sets of identical twins who are winning games — and confusing their coach — at a Pittsburgh high school.

“We're strong on the court. I wish we could fit the whole six on the court,” one twin said.

4. Jason Bateman plays a 40-year-old man who muscles his way into a children’s spelling bee in his new film, “Bad Words,” but the actor didn’t really enhance his spelling skills in the process.

"I'm better than my wife, that's all that counts," he told Savannah.

5. The anchors brought their pups in this morning to learn a thing about canine health. It was adorable:

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!