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TODAY's Takeaway: 100 days to Sochi, reflecting on Sandy

Natalie gets the riddle wrong, Christie talks Sandy recovery and U.S. Olympians debut their new uniforms.

1. When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie toured his state’s devastated coastline after Superstorm Sandy last year, one emotional encounter in particular stuck with him.

“Seeing a crying, scared 9-year-old child,” he told Matt, “like my 9-year-old daughter at the time, was incredibly emotional and to this day is still very evocative to me and is representative of all the children who felt so displaced after Sandy.”

2. One year later, individuals are still struggling to recover. Like Zoe Everett, who lost her parents in the storm when an uprooted tree fell on their truck. Since the accident, the 19-year-old has become legal guardian to her three siblings, taking care of them while she continues college.

“Although this wound can't be healed,” she told Natalie. “We'll find joy in each other and other things.”

3. To celebrate the 100-day countdown to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, TODAY turned the plaza into an Olympic training center. Matt learned to ski on wheels, U.S. Olympians sported American-made apparel and Natalie noshed on chebourekis. Feeling the Team USA pride? Check out the fun.

4. Are common chemicals found in many products – like the artificial food dyes used to make M&M’s – causing behavioral problems for your children? Jeff Rossen reports on one mother’s crusade to get the dyes banned.

5. Have your Facebook friends recently formed an unhealthy obsession with giraffes? It’s not because they’re fond of zoo animals – they probably just answered a new viral riddle wrong.

Carson posed the riddle to Natalie, Savannah and Matt, and they all got it wrong – sort of.

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