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From big interviews to baby Vale: Savannah looks back at her whirlwind year in 2014

For TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, 2014 was chock-full of personal and professional accomplishments. From nailing down interviews with major newsmakers and former presidents to getting married and having a baby, Savannah has a lot to look back on.

"Life changed so much for the better for me," she told TODAY.com. "I don't know how I could ever beat this year."

On how motherhood has changed her ...

"I think being a mom just adds this new perspective to everything I do, whether it's interviewing another mom or even covering a very serious news story. I mean, the filter I look at the world through is so different now, now that I'm a mom. I wouldn't change that for anything."

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On preparing for big interviews, including one with President George W. Bush at his home this year ... 

"What's more important is thinking about, well, if I'm a viewer at home, what are the questions that I have? What do I wish someone would ask? And I always try to take that moment and think about that before I go out on any big interview."

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On meeting celebrities ... 

"Most of the celebrities I've ever interviewed have genuinely been really, really nice. And sometimes they might be a little bit shy ... Drew Barrymore and I totally bonded over being mommies and she gave me some great tips, actually, on how to get Vale to sleep."

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On her thoughts and hopes for the upcoming year ... 

"I'm just going into the year with a great, full heart and a lot of optimism."

More highlights and exclusive interviews from Savannah's past year:

On speaking with Ohio kidnapping victim Michelle Knight:

"She didn't come on to say, 'these horrible things happened to me.' She came on to say, 'these things happened to me, but I'm still here. I'm alive. I can flourish.' That to me is the true significance of that interview and why it meant so much to me."

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On seeing Gabby Giffords sky-dive on the anniversary of her shooting:

"She decided, rather than make Jan. 8 this awful anniversary full of sadness, she wanted to kind of reclaim it and make it a celebration of recovery ... I've always felt bonded to Gabby and to that story because it happened in Tuscon, Arizona. That's my hometown. And the Safeway where that shooting happened is the same Safeway my mom shops at every week."

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On her exclusive interviews with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan:

"It's clear that he looks at social media as a way to change the world and that's still very much his ambition today.

"Meeting Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg's wife, was one of the best things I got to do all year. She has never given a television interview. Most people didn't know what she looked like, certainly didn't know what she sounded like ... I think talking to her opens a window to him as well."

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