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TODAY's Morgan Radford is engaged — see her sweet announcement

Radford opened up about the friendship that turned into a beautiful romance two years ago.
/ Source: TODAY

Morgan Radford had an extra special Thanksgiving this year. The TODAY and NBC News correspondent shared the happy news on Friday that she is engaged to her boyfriend, David Williams!

The newly engaged couple, and their families, were all smiles in the photos Radford shared on social media after Williams popped the question.

"David, thanks to you, my world is so much bigger and more beautiful," Radford wrote next to a photo of the couple gazing lovingly at each other, with Radford's new bling on display. "Here’s to celebrating all the excitement you bring to my life, the steadiness you bring to my heart, and the hope you bring to my future.... And HERE’S TO BEING YOUR FIANCÉE !!!!!"

Radford also opened up about the couple's love story and how she met a "tall gangly soccer player in my college dorm named David."

"David was a senior and I was a sophomore; we would casually say hello, sometimes grab breakfast in Eliot Dining Hall, and once he even interviewed me for his senior research paper," Radford wrote.

As friends, they shared memories together that she has photos of, including "being silly that spring at our dorm’s 2007 Eliot Fête Dance."

A few months before Williams graduated, they were paired together for a fashion show and met up weekly to practice their steps and share plenty of laughs.

"David went off to law school shortly after, but he stayed in touch throughout the years; we grabbed dinner while I was living in South Africa, drank boba tea once I moved to New York, and he even took me for an 'airport McFlurry' when I had a quick layover for a story in his hometown of Detroit," Radford wrote.

The friendship turned into a romance in 2017 when Radford and Williams ended up at the same conference in London.

"That night, we danced, made new friends — but always came back to each other. He looked me in my eyes that evening and told me this was our shot to become more than friends," she wrote. "Two days later he saw his cousin, showed him our picture from that evening, and said, 'I just reconnected with the woman I’m going to marry.' Turns out — he was right."

And the rest is history. Congratulations Morgan and David! We can't wait for the wedding.