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Tips for buying designer duds on consignment

You don't have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks! Boutique owner Christina Novak offers advice to bargain shoppers.
/ Source: Weekend Today

If you have Fifth Avenue taste, but can't afford the retail prices, you may want to consider shopping resale for designer clothes or perhaps for that special something you know you'll only wear once. Christina Novak, owner of New to You, the Chic Boutique in Falls Church, Va., shares some consignment shopping tips.

1. Take a friend, but never one that wears your size! After all, you don't want her to purchase something you might want.

2. The staff is there to help you. Establish a rapport with the sales associates, someone whose sense of style and taste you appreciate and they will guide you. Make sure they understand your personal style and desire for their honest feedback.

3. Always try items on and be sure to look up and down from the size that you “know” you wear, all things are not created equal. Sizes are not consistent; smalls are not always small, and larges are not always large.

4. Think out of the box. Try on things you would never think of trying on. You will be surprised to find new styles that flatter your fashion personality.

5. So, you have a fabulous skirt that matches nothing in your wardrobe. Shopping from memory can be a challenge, when creating an outfit bring any unmatched pieces with you in order to ensure success.

6. Trust yourself; you know when you look great in something.

7. If you are unsure about the best looks for your body type, we suggest you get Susannah and Trinny's book, “What Not To Wear.” The book is filled with wonderful advice about accentuating the positive and detracting from the negative.

8. Don't feel that you have to purchase anything. Have fun, try things on or just window shop. Experiment with looks and enjoy — just see what the season has to offer.

9. Keep your lipstick on your lips and your foundation on your face. Be considerate and shield the clothing you are trying on.

10. When shopping with children, why not bring a book along for them to read? Time does not weigh so heavily on them when their minds are occupied.

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