Texas police officers start 'His Life Matters' movement to promote unity

/ Source: TODAY

Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens started the "His Life Matters" movement in hopes of changing the way the police force is viewed.

The Trinity Police Department in Texas holds meetings every morning to discuss social issues and ways to improve the community. After one meeting back in May, the two police officers, who are of different races, grew frustrated with all the recent negativity and decided to take a stand.

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They posted a photo to the police department's Facebook page and from there the "His Life Matters" movement was born.

"We were just trying to preach unity," Jones told TODAY.com. "We're frustrated with everyone who wants our society to be one and then they go off with their own kind and that's not accomplishing anything."

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Other police departments decided to join in, including the Memphis Police Department, who shared their own photo.

"Officer Givens and I talk about how much we're sick of being labeled and generalized based on the actions of a few as opposed to the millions of daily interactions with law enforcement," Jones said.

This isn't the first time Jones and Givens came together to fight for a cause. They did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together and even organized an event where kids had to ask a police officer a question in order to be entered into a raffle.

"At the end of the day, both of us just want to do what's best for the common good," Jones said.