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'Terra Nova' debut hatches at Comic-Con

Comic-Con attendees took the first bite out of "Terra Nova."
/ Source: The Associated Press

Comic-Con attendees took the first bite out of "Terra Nova."

During a Saturday panel at the annual pop-culture convention, some of the cast and crew of the highly anticipated Fox dinosaur drama unveiled the first half of the two-hour premiere, which is scheduled to debut Sept. 26. The footage featured the Shannon family time-traveling from an overpopulated 2149 to a colony erected in the pre-historic past.

Stephan Lang, who stars as the leader of the Terra Nova settlement, flew from Australia, where the show is currently being filmed, to appear alongside the show's producers After the crowd of more than 4,000 roared when one human was devoured by a dinosaur, Lang joked there might be "a mandate from the network there will be one eating per week."

"You're going to see some pretty good dino-on-human action," teased executive producer Jose Molina.

The footage showed the Shannons encountering a giant centipede, a band of renegades known as the Sixers, a pack of plant-eating Brachiosaurus and one man-hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. "Terra Nova," which counts Steven Spielberg among its executive producers, was originally supposed to premiere last May, but the big-budget production was pushed to the fall.

"You will see dinosaurs," promised Molina. "We're an expensive show. You're going to see the money on the screen."

Kevin Black, the show's visual effects supervisor, said creating the computer-generated dinos on a TV schedule has been a difficult undertaking, but the crew is "getting better as we go." The producers promised the crowd that there would be more critters in the second half of the premiere episode, including dinosaurs that show off "how they're related to birds."


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