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A teen and his GoPro camera helped police solve a 27-year-old missing person case

Janet Farris was on her way to a wedding in 1992 when she went missing.
/ Source: TODAY

A Canadian teenager used his GoPro camera to help find the body of a woman who went missing in 1992.

Max Werenka, 13, spotted a car in the lake at Griffin Lake Cabins, a rental property owned by his parents in Malakwa, British Columbia, about halfway between Vancouver and Calgary.

Last month, guests at the property told him they noticed something shiny at the bottom of the water so Werenka went out to take a look and saw something that resembled a car.

A GoPro image of the car Max found in the lake.Nancy Werenka

“We researched and there had been an accident in 2009 and we initially assumed it was a leftover vehicle from the people who were rescued,” his mother, Nancy Werenka, told TODAY.

Werenka told new guests at the lake what had happened, only for those guests to inform him that the vehicle from the 2009 accident had been removed.

Police were then summoned and Werenka dove in with his GoPro to capture what he saw on video, which confirmed there was a car.

The car being removed from the lake after being submerged for more than a quarter of a century.Nancy Werenka

A few days later, authorities retrieved a 1986 Honda Accord from the water and discovered the body of a woman. With her identification inside the car, they were able to identify the woman as Janet Farris.

Farris had been driving to a wedding in 1992 when she was 70 and went missing.

This discovery of her remains puts an end to decades of uncertainty for her family.

"I think the worst thing was not knowing," her son, George Farris, 62, told the CBC. “We kind of assumed that maybe she had gone off the road or fallen asleep or tried to avoid an accident or animal on the road.”

Max Werenka played a crucial role in solving the cold case.Nancy Werenka

"Given a sad situation, it's the best of all outcomes,” he added.

Nancy Werenka also says Farris’ family may come out to the lake next spring or summer to meet her son and the rest of their family.

As for Werenka, his mother, who called the whole matter “so peculiar,” said her son is grieving for those Farris left behind.

“He’s just very sad for the family. He feels for the family,” she said.